Swapping the Free Hub Body on the Grand Bois Hub Posted on 25 Nov 14:02 , 0 comments

Prepare 5mm hex wrench and 17mm thin spanner (thickness 3mm or less) 

Insert a 5mm hex wrench into the left side of the hollow axle and loosen the right lock nut with a 17mm spanner. 

The cassette body will be removed, but note the cylinder (i.e. Sleeve)  of part (1) may stick to the inside of the cassette body and may be removed. Also pay attention to the direction of the rubber seal of (2).

There is a 1mm thick washer (3) in the outer seal of the cassette body, so please remove it. In case of change to Shimano, place this washer between the left lock nut and the dust cap. The rubber seal of (2) is also attached to the replacement cassette body, so be careful not to double it.