Orlandi - A Perfect platform for custom builds Posted on 11 Aug 13:13 , 0 comments


The SunXCD Orlandi is presented as a stripped down "fixie" style bike, although it is equipped with a 2 speed back-pedal hub gear. This works very well as you have a higher gear for cruising, plus a lower gear for accelerating, without taking your hands off the 'bars. However, in Japan and now here in the UK, the Orlandi is being used as a platform for a huge variety of custom builds. The reason for this is is easy to understand. Not only is the frame elegant with beautiful smooth welds and a paint finish that is worthy of any top-end builder, but SunXCD have built a very good steel frame that is a joy to ride and forms the basis of virtually any style of bike you might wish - from a city roadster, to a fixed wheel/single speed with flip-flop hub or a commuting bike or even a touring bike.

SunXCD have made available some accessories that make customisation easy:

1. The frame is equipped with beautiful forged track ends at the rear, but SunXCD have produced a custom made derailleur hanger. This is also a work of art, milled out of solid aluminium 

2. SunXCD have also manufactured a 120mm OLN version of their gorgeous high-flange hub, so you can fit a 5 or 6 speed SunXCD rear derailleur. We can provide you with a 5 or 6 speed cassette.

3. The SunXCD cranksets have now been joined by very elegant René Herse style clover-leaf chain rings. Combined with SunXCD front and rear derailleurs. You will have a truly mouth-wateringly elegant, steel framed 10 or 12 speed traditional road bike.

We are also building a 5 speed Sturmey Archer hub geared version for a customer in more hilly terrain.


If you want to try a custom build yourself we can offer you a base spec. Orlandi for £599 or the frame and forks, complete with stem, seat post, headset and bottom bracket for £399.

Add a selection of the great accessories from our store and you will have an enviable and unique bike. Have look at the gallery below...