SunXCD 120mm Rear Cassette Hub Conversion Posted on 18 Apr 22:25 , 0 comments

The SunXCD 120mm rear cassette hub has opened up a world of possibilities for restoring older bikes. Frames up until the 80's  had a rear OLN (over lock nut) dimension of 120mm to allow for a 5 speed screw-on freewheel hub or a Sturmey Archer hub gear. 


Of course you can still buy SA hub gears for 120mm OLN drop outs, but if you want to retain derailleurs on your vintage racing bike, then you have a very limited choice of hubs for screw-on freewheels and an even smaller choice of good quality freewheel blocks.

Now SunXCD have introduced a 120mm OLN version of their beautiful large flange hubs, we can get modern reliability with an older frameset.

But what will we do for a cassette? Well you can de-populate a 7 speed cassette to 5 or 6 speed, but to be honest the 7 speed cassettes available are mainly of the cheap and nasty variety.

Our solution is for a 7 speed cassette, using a depopulated Sun Race 10 speed cassette. This is a high quality product with loose sprockets and anodised alloy spacers. You need to lose 3 sprockets and add a spacer and you have a perfect fit.


This conversion to my beloved 1951 Raleigh Lenton has been done using parts from this store. 

  • SunXCD 120mm OLN hub
  • Sun Race 12-32t 10 speed cassette
  • SunXCD Rear Derailleur
  • Sun Race 10 speed chain