Can I fit Mudguards (Fenders) to my Bike and which ones will fit? Posted on 16 Nov 10:07 , 0 comments

This time of year demand for mudguards goes through the roof! People who have been happily riding "fender-free" through the summer want more protection from the weather for themselves and their bike. We get lots of messages "will your mudguards fit such and such bike?" Well it depends.

A customer read the recent "fat tyre" articles in the press and decided to go up from 25mm to 35mm. His existing 35mm mudguards obviously won't cover them. but what can he choose? First he needs to measure..

1. With his new tyres mounted, the distance between the tyre and the brake bridge at the rear and fork crown at the front, he needs ideally 20mm, or 15mm minimum to fit ANY mudguards. Less makes it difficult or impossible. There needs to be a fixing point for mudguards at the fork crown and rear brake bridge. If there are none, P clips or even cable ties have been used.

2. The width between the fork blades at the top needs to me at least 5mm wider than the mudguards you choose, although they can be crimped in a little with some risk of the tyre rubbing. Ditto for distance between the seat stays at the rear brake bridge.

3. At the bottom bracket, between the chain stays, there needs to be an attachment point, ideally a bridge. The width between the stays here  is not so important as the mudguard fan be squeezed in or trimmed. Again resourceful people have used P clips or cable ties. 

4. Ideally there should be mudguard fixing eyes at the dropouts, but if there are none, Velo Orange Fender Stay mounts which mount to wheel axles or quick release are purpose made for the job. They work really well we supply a lot to one of London's finest frame builders.

I am advising you choose the mudguards first and then the tyres to fit if possible. Ideally the mudguard width needs to be 10mm wider than the tyre you are using, Measure the tyre yourself. Don't go by what is printed on the tyre.