Build Report Raleigh Lenton - Final Part Posted on 15 May 21:37 , 0 comments

I was really pleased with my restoration of the Lenton and it became my favourite ride. Although I am still note sure it was "the right thing to do", when the SunXCD 120mm OLN rear cassette hub was introduced., I decided I could fit derailleurs without modifying the frame - and keep the original 4 speed hub gear wheel, so that I could go back to the "factory spec" in a hour or so.

The plus points are the much wider range of gears and choice of intermediate ratios and removing some of the back-heavy feel of a hub geared bike. The wheel was soon built with the SunXCD 120mm hub and 700C rim. I had already fitted a Stronglight 49D single crankset, so the upgrade to a double, using new TA Pro 5 Vis (Cyclotouriste) rings, was another quick and simple job. The longer bottom bracket was obviously needed. I used a Velo Orange Threadless cartridge bottom bracket, to preserve the original Raleigh 26 t.p.i. threading. A Sun Race 10 speed cassette, which has loose sprockets, was depopulated to 7 speed.

The choice of SunXCD derailleurs and 10 speed indexed shifters, mounted on the down tube was obvious.

The 48/32t chain rings and 31-32t cassette give a great range of ratios and I think the conversion looks pretty tidy and the bike is much more usable in hilly Dorset.