Calla Restoration Part 3 Posted on 15 Apr 12:14 , 0 comments

Been very busy with the start of the season, but I spent Wednesday evening working on the Calla. I managed to mount the original chain guard so it doesn't interfere with the operation of modern front mech.


You may remember that the original mech was a "stick shift", so I needed to find a way of mounting a shifter with minimal cabling. I tried a vintage Campag band on mount but it wasn't compatible with the modern shifter, so I found a NOS Shimano band-on shifter on eBay and swapped for the SunXCD  ratchet shifter lever to match the rear shifter.

The whole transmission works perfectly now 10 speed x 2 chain rings. Plus retaining the original chainguard, restores the "Calla look"

Just the brakes to cable up now and the handlebars to tape  and she will be ready for the road.