Calla Restoration Part 3 Posted on 22 Mar 10:33 , 0 comments

Quick update on the Calla. This week I decided to fit the transmission. I dislike cottered chainsets with a vengeance, so I decided to fit the period looking SunXCD cranks with the René Herse style rings. These are ramped and pinned to work properly with 10 speed chains. I chose the same ring sizes as original so I could try and make the beautiful original "stick shift" front derailleur with integral chainguard work. It worked beautifully on the test ride of the unrestored bike.

As mentioned last time a 10 speed rear cassette was fitted to make the bike usable as a laden tourer (the load being mostly me!). This has an 11-34 cluster, so the obvious choice is the SunXCD rear mech.

I have doubts whether the smallest cog will be usable as the chain runs very close to the frame. I will see what I can do with some spacers, which will mean redishing the wheel.

A quick check of the front changer was disappointing as the chain would not shift to the outer ring. There is adjustment on the front mech but not much. I had fitted the "correct" 118mm bottom bracket but obviously this set up requires a much tighter chain line. I did some measurement and there is at least 6mm of clearance between the frame and the cranks/rings, so I am going to try a 113mm Velo Orange French bottom bracket instead.

While digging through the original parts I found the lovely little leather tool bag, which goes very nicely with the Velo Orange leather saddle.

I want to get this bike finished in time for Easter. There is a customer tandem rebuild coming back from the paint shop next week...