Grand Cru 1" Sealed Bearing Headset, Noir (Black)


Grand Cru 1" Sealed Bearing Headset, Noir

The goal was to make an absolutely top-of-the-line 1" threaded headset at a great price. It took a few tries, but we think the result was worthwhile. Look at the details: oversized sealed bearings; alloy construction; a discrete logo; easily replaced bearings that can be dropped in, not pressed; and a rubber seal on the lock nut.

This is a £50 headset that we think is comparable to models that cost at least twice as much.

26.4mm crown race (ISO); British thread; 42mm stack height. Lower cup stacks at 10.8mm

SKU HS-0032
Manufacturer Velo Orange
Finish Polished Alloy
Threaded/Threadless Threaded
Headset Size 1"
UPC 815667015256