1 1/8" Threadless Aheadset to 1" quill stem adapter


Threadless Stem Adaptor

The Threadless Stem Adapter allows you to use threadless stems on a bikes designed for a quill stems. The advantages include the ability to use commonly available threadless stems with a variety of rise angles. Many threadless stems also have removable face plates, so bars need not be "stripped down" when switching bars or stems. Threadless stems can be "flipped" for additional rise or drop.

The VO Stem Adapter fits in a regular 22.2mm fork and works with a 1-1/8" (28.6mm) stem; 180mm total length, 110mm above the minimum insert line, steel bolt and wedge. It accepts a standard 1-1/8", 40mm stack height stem. It will not work with the tall stack stems, as the stack height is too tall. The finish is high polish alloy. 272g.

SKU ST-0001
Manufacturer Velo Orange
Finish Polished
Material Aluminum Alloy
Stem Type Quill
Quill Length/Clamp Height 180mm/ 40mm
Quill/Steerer Diameter 22.2mm
UPC 815667011180

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