Velo Orange Grand Cru 27.2mm Alloy Seat Post ZERO SET BACK Black


Velo Orange Grand Cru Zero Setback Alloy Seatpost - 27.2mm BLACK
VO Grand Cru Zero Setback Seatpost
27.2mm diameter - Zero setback ideal for
MTBs - Features easy to use side adjusting
mechanism - Internally ovalised and integral
head to reduce weight to 295g - 400mm
long with 300mm above minimum insertion.
  *Will not fit Brooks C13 or other saddles with oval rails*
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Velo Orange have remanufactured sought after vintage cycle parts, so you can fit appropriate new components to your vintage bike, rather than buying used ones. They are manufactured to the highest modern quality standards (usually much higher than the original vintage components they replace) and have fabulous finish. No longer do you have to seek out old parts in dubious condition for your treasured vintage bicycle or restoration project.