Toe Tectors and Bro Tectors


Sold Out

The Fern Toe and Bro Tectors is the result of collaboration with ASS SAVERS. In the past we had to make our own ultra light mudflaps from plastic sheet material and we were so happy when Ass Savers released their Toe- and Bro- Tectors, filling that gap in the market.

Designed in Germany. Made from recycled plastic in Sweden

The Toe tector in the front which will give you that extra mudguard length needed to really help keep your feet and drivetrain away from getting wet and dirty!

The BroTector is for all those who like to ride in groups, preventing your buddies from getting covered in spray and dirt. This thing is really a must have for all  you randonneur riders out there!

The mudflap mounts to any standard rear mudguard with a single zip-tie! Just drill two holes at the desired height and zip tie  it!