Tektro RL 721 Top Mounted Brake Levers (Black)


Tektro Top Mounted Brake Levers for 31.8mm bars
Can be cabled either as interrupter levers with drop bar levers or as stand alone levers.
New ergonomic alloy lever with adjustable reach. Top mount levers allow you to ride on the top of drop bars and still have braking control on tight, technical terrain. Perfect for cyclocross but also great for Audax or Touring. The levers are compatible with all drop brake levers and STI units. The hinged hanger allows easy installation. For 26.0mm diameter  clamp.

90 grams per pair

- System: Caliper Or Canti brake lever 
- Material: Forged aluminum lever / Forged aluminum bracket
- Lever Blade: 2 finger lever blade