SunXCD Clover Leaf Style Chain rings for 50.4mm BCD cranks - Stronglight 49D, TA Cyclotouriste, Velo Orange, SunXCD


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SunXCD Clover Leaf style 3 arm Chain Rings

These are brand new chain rings just introduced by SunXCD for their 50.4mm BCD cranks, but they fit Stronglight 49D, TA Cyclotouriste and Velo Orange 50.4mm cranks as well.
The outer rings attach to the following crank arms:
  • T.A. Cyclotouriste (Pro Vis 5)
  • Suntour SunXCD crank arms
  • Stronglight 49D
  • Velo Orange 50.4 crank sets
The inner rings attach ONLY to the SunXCD outer rings and you will need the bolt set to attach the inner and outer rings together. See
So if you have another make of rings, you will need both inner and outer SunXCD rings, plus the bolt set.