Translucent Candy Colours Brake and Derailleur Cable Set


This kit contains sufficient outer cable for most bikes, but check yours before ordering.

Fabulous Translucent Candy Coloured Cables from Nissen Cable Company. Made in Japan

Complete matching brake and gear cable set. Contains:

2m x 5mm Brake Outer Housing

2m x 4mm Derailleur Outer Housing

2 off 2m x 1.6mm pre-stretched STAINLESS STEEL inner brake cables (Double ended Road/MTB just cut off the end you don't need)

2 off 2m x 1.2mm pres-stretched STAINLESS STEEL inner gear cables

6 off black 4mm ferrules (for derailleur cable)

6 off silver 5mm ferrules (for brake cable)

4 off crimp-on cable tips