Moulton F Frame Brake and Gear Cable Kit - White ribbed or mesh


Moulton F Frame Brake and Gear Cable Kit

This is a complete kit of cables: inner and outer  for your vintage Moulton, with the original pattern cable housing, if you want it look really pukka. All top quality parts. The cable outers are the authentic 60's pattern in white, manufactured in Japan by the Nissen Cable Company. The inner cables are stainless steel by Clarks and Jagwire. Measurements are provided by Moulton Preservation for typical  original Moulton Deluxe. If you require different lengths of outer cable please let us know when you place your order. Included in the kit are:

Front Brake Cable

  • Outer cable housing 762mm (30") - cut to length
  • Inner cable (barrel nipple) 

Rear Brake Cable

    • Outer cable housing  1450mm (57") - cut to length
  • Inner cable (barrel nipple)

Gear Cable (For Sturmey Archer  3 or 4 speed trigger or twist grip shifter)

  • Outer cable housing 1450mm (57")
  • Inner cable (Sturmey Archer Pattern)

Ferrules & Cable Ends

  • 6 ferrules
  • 3 cable ends


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