Gilles BERTHOUD MENTE Leather saddle - Natural


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Gilles BERTHOUD MENTE Leather saddle 

Fabulous quality leather saddle hand made in France by craftsmen. Gilles Berthoud do not use rivets but special bolts, so the saddle is completely owner maintainable. The back plate is a modern composite material that is much lighter than the metal back plate used in other leather saddles making this saddle light and comfortable as well as beautiful.
The Mente is the wider men's saddle for commuters and tourists who might prefer a more upright position.
  • The saddle top is made of thick natural vegetable tanned leather. 
  • The bolt assemblies at the rear of the saddle are situated behind the area on which the cyclist sits to avoid damaging the user's pants. 
  • The backplate is made of a strong technically advanced material that is both stable and flexible for maximum comfort. 
  • Loops are built in to accommodate a saddle bag. 
  • Polished stainless spring steel is used for the rails. 
  • These have long parallel sections to give ample room for adjustment. 
  • A special tension system adjusted with a 5mm Allen key prevents the nose from twisting.
Each saddle is individually marked with an unique serial number etched on the brass washer on top of the nose.
The leather density fluctuates between hides so the saddle weight can vary.