Gilles Berthoud City Bag Small Saddle Pack GB706 BLACK


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Gilles Berthoud City Bag

See how they are hand made in France

Saddle bag City GB706 1L
  • Attaches to the saddle with a Klick-fix system (sold separately).
  • Two versions of the Klick-Fix system are sold : one for Brooks saddles and one for other saddles. Berthoud touring saddles allow direct mounting of a special Klick-Fix bracket.
  • One handy pocket on the cover and two side pockets closed by Velcro.
  • Rings for a shoulder strap (sold separately) and for a key ring.
  • Made with very strong water resistant cotton canvas for the body and leather reinforcements and edges.

Body size 110 x 50 x 170.

Weight : 175g. Volume : 1 liter