Gilles Berthoud Aravis Saddle with Titanium Rails


Leather saddle Gilles BERTHOUD Aravis

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Leather saddle Gilles BERTHOUD ARAVIS with polished titanium rails

The Gilles Berthoud Aravis touring saddle is manufactured in house from thick natural vegetable tanned leather. 
It is pre-softened to shorten the break-in period.
The bolt assemblies at the rear of the saddle are situated behind the area on which the cyclist sits.
No risk of damaging your cycling shorts or your skin! 
Backplate made of technical material providing solidity and flexibility for maximum comfort. 
Loops for a saddle bag. Grooves and threaded inserts for a Klick-Fix system. 
Easy to disassemble thanks to an ingenious system of stainless steel bolts which fit into special-shaped brass washers.
The cone-shaped washers fit snuggly into the leather avoiding any risk of damage.
Rails made of polished titanium.
The rails have a relatively long straight part giving saddle setback adjustment.
Patented tension system. 
No special tool is required to adjust the tension a 5mm Allen key is enough. 
Each saddle is individually marked with an unique serial number etched on the brass washer on top of the nose.
The leather density fluctuates between hides so the saddle weight can vary.