Instructions - Velo Orange Plume Alaire Chain Guard

Grand Cru Plume Alaire Chainguard Installation Instructions

Hardware kit contains:

  • 2 eyelet bolts
  • 2 cupped washers
  • 2 flat washers
  • 4 nylock nuts
  • 4 standard nuts
  • 2 threaded stays
  • 2 band clamps

Tool list(not included with chainguard):

  • 8mm wrench (having an additional 8mm wrench will make things easier)

Mounting the Chainguard:

Attach eyelet bolts to chain guard. Note: the cupped washer goes on top side of chain guard, flat washers go on underside of chain guard. Use nylock nuts, which are nuts with a black nylon ring on the end.

Loosely attach stays to frame using band clamps and nuts. One stay should be on the back side of the seat tube, and one stay should be on the front(under) side of the down tube.

Mount eyelets bolts onto stays. At this point band clamps and eyelet bolts should be loose enough to be adjustable. Make small changes to height of band clamps until chain guard is level. Make sure that stays are extended far enough that they will reach eyelet bolts but not so far that the crank arm will hit them. Tighten down stays.


Adjust chain guard horizontally along stays. The inner side of the chain guard should be very close to the chain (~2mm) in order to provide enough crank arm clearance. Adjust front eyelet bolt first, positioning the front of the chain guard the appropriate distance from the chain and then tightening that eyelet bolt down. Adjust the rear eyelet bolt in the same manner.

Some notes about crank clearance:

  • In some cases it is necessary to slightly bend the rear of the chain guard where it hits the chainstay. To do so, first tighten the front eyelet bolt as described above. Then, while gently pressing the rear of the chain guard in toward the chainstay, tighten the rear eyelet bolt.
  • In some cases it is necessary to move the chainring to the inside(toward the bike frame) of the crank spider. This will give more clearance between the chainring and the inside of the crank arm. Don't forget that you will need to adjust your bottom bracket to maintain an appropriate chainline.

Double check there is enough crank arm clearance, and that everything is tight.