CLEARANCE! Gilles Berthoud Aspin Special Edition Red Leather Saddle


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Designed for long-distance trekking, this model offers optimum comfort with a slightly inclined chest position.

Our flagship Aspin model, here in limited edition red leather.

- Width: 157mm
- Stainless steel rails


Product Details

Leather saddle (mixed model) made in France in our workshops.
Heavy-gauge leather with natural vegetable tanning.
Pre-rimmed for comfort from the very first kilometers.
Rear fastenings outside the seat area to avoid rubbing on the shorts.
Crescent made from high-tech synthetic material with high mechanical properties, combining strength and suppleness for maximum comfort.
Pass-throughs for attaching a saddle bag are integrated into the crescent.
Slot for fitting a Klickfix bracket.
Fully removable thanks to the system for assembling the leather to the frame, using stainless steel screws whose heads are housed in brass cups. These cups, with their internal conical shape, fit into the recesses stamped into the leather, ensuring a perfect fit.
Stainless steel rails.
Long straight section for precise adjustment of saddle offset.
Patented anti-rotation tensioning system.
No special tools required for leather tensioning, just a 5mm Allen key.
Each saddle is engraved with a unique number on the nose cup.

Weight varies according to the density of the leather used.