Velo Orange Polyvalent MK3 Frameset 650B for Cantilever Brakes 56cm (pre-owned)


Size: 56cm Top of seat tube to centre of bottom bracket. Top tube 56cm c-c

This is Mike's personal Polyvalent, only being sold because he fancied the Lilac Disk Braked version! Mike did several long tours on the bike, but it hasn't been heavily used. The frame is damned near unmarked and there are just a few tiny scratches on the bottom of the fork blade. They don't even go through the paint. We have some touch-up paint also. He didn't need the Velo Orange Zeste cantilever brakes on the new frame so these are included in the price. The brakes alone are £129.99 new! All threads are undamaged

The Polyvalent is an urban bike that's also capable of being used for cyclo-touring, brevets, and club rides. Polyvalent is French for "general purpose."

The frame is a low-trail French inspired design, much like the old VO Gentleman frame. It's designed for front loads. 

Wheel size is 650b, which we feel is really the best choice for a comfortable ride on bumpy city streets or rough country roads. Maximum tire size with fenders is around 44mm and around 55mm without, but the frame handles best with a tire around 38mm wide. 

The rear dropouts are short horizontal dropouts to allow internal hubs and single speed wheels to be used without the need for a chain tensioner. Longer dropouts would make wheel removal difficult on a fendered bike. Rear spacing is 132.5mm, so both 130mm and 135mm rear hubs fit.