Velo Orange "Campagne" Handlebar Bag. Black Waxed canvas leather trim


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VO Campagne Handlebar Bag

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The Campagne bag is made from heavy dry waxed canvas. This fabric is thick, waterproof and long-wearing. The trim is leather. The only plastic is the three stiffener panels, the map pocket, and the snap link on the included shoulder strap. 

The bag opens toward the rider. The size is about 20cm high x 16cm deep x 28cm wide. There are removable handlebar straps included, but this bag is really best used with a decaleur. There is also a strap on the bottom. This means that it can be strapped to a front rack, but I might use an old toe clip strap rather than the short buckle strap that's included. With the bag strapped to the rack platform and the back loop slid over the rack's upright, the bag is quite secure even without a decaleur. 

There are two pockets on the back, sized for a small camera and a cell phone. There is also a pocket on the front and a flat pocket on each side (we use these for snacks). The map pocket is opened via a Velcro strip under the rear leather band.

Like all traditional handlebar bags, this bag is designed to sit on your front rack. 

Racks and/or decaleurs sold separately.

SKU BA-0003
Color Black
Bag Type Handlebar
Material Dry Waxed Canvas
Height 20cm
Width 28cm
Depth 16cm
Weight 775g
Manufacturer Velo Orange
UPC 815667010220