Six Pack rail for V.O. Randonneur, Constructeur and Pass Hunter Racks


VO Six Pack Rack

The Six-Pack rack is basically a rail that bolts to several of our front racks, turning them into a small basket. Surprisingly, it allows you to easily carry a six-pack. It's also useful for a small camera bag, purse, bag lunch, a few groceries, etc.

It fits the Randonneur rack, Rando rack with decaleur, Pass Hunter rack, Pass Hunter rack with decaleur, and Constructeur front rack.

The rack weighs 265 gr. 

Attachment is with the four, included, 5mm screws. We strongly suggest using a bungy cord or cargo net to secure your cargo in this, or any, basket-type rack.

SKU RA-0042
Rack Type Front
Fitment Pass Hunter, Rando, Constructeur Front
Finish Polished Alloy
Material Stainless Steel
Manufacturer Velo Orange
UPC 815667014488