Grand Bois Cypres Tyres 650x32B


Grand Bois 650x32B Cypres

The Cyprès (named after the Cypress tree) will transform the feel, comfort and performance of your bicycle. It is a great choice for a narrow 650B tyre. On good roads, it zips along like a racing tyre. (The Cyprès is constructed like a racing tyre.) On rough pavement, it smoothens out the vibrations. (The Cyprès has twice the air volume of a 23 mm racing tire.) On dirt roads, it just floats along. (The Cyprès can be run at 55% of the pressure of a 23 mm racing tyre without losing speed.) 

  • Low rolling resistance
  • Excellent grip
  • Superior comfort
  • Light weight
  • Classic appearance
  • Clincher tires with the ride of a good tubular
  • Nominal size: 650 x 30B mm

"It's rare that something exceeds my expectations. I knew in my first 50 feet of rolling that I probably got the smoothest set of tires made."

    — J.S., New York, NY

Standard model 
290 g, clincher, folding bead. Tan sidewalls.
Made in Japan.