Sun Tour SunXCD Down Tube D/T shifters 7/8 speed or 10 speed


SunXCD  Downtube Shifters

Fabulous quality and finish. Super smooth action


  • 7/8 speed or 10 speed
  • Micro Ratchet  for front. 
  • Indexed for rear.
These are designed to go with the SunXCD polished alloy rear derailleur
And the forged alloy front derailleur


Not compatible with Tiagra 4700

Will not work with Velo Orange Thumbshifter Mounts

About SunXCD

Junzo Kawai,  former President of SunTour Japan,  has returned to bicycle component manufacturing.  He is now the Chairman of a new company, SunXCD, that has now begun production of cranks, hubs, rims and complete wheels.  SunXCD (Sun eXCeeD) will soon focus on derailleurs and shifters, much like the SunTour of old. 

Under Junzo’s leadership SunTour’s U.S. market share of bicycle drivetrains reached 60% by the mid 80’s.  At one time, SunTour derailleurs, shift levers, and freewheels were the favorites of the market. If you came into a bike store in the U.S. with a poor shifting derailleur or a sick freewheel of another brand, the standard repair was to replace it with SunTour.

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