CLEARANCE! Grand Bois Hetre Tyre 650 x 42B

£45.99 £49.16

The Grand Bois Hetre is a folding Randonneuring or Touring Tyre hand built like a racing tyre and is the ultimate fast-riding and comfortable tyre for your 650B bike. With light weight (420g) and significantly lower rolling resistance due to more flexible side walls the Hetre is the ultimate 650B touring and randonneuring tyre.

Grand Bois original tyres are manufactured with an emphasis on the enjoyment of cycling.

Based on the latest racing tyre theory, we designed a special casing and used ZSG compound with high grip and low rolling resistance. In addition, we have achieved a supple ride by deliberately rejecting anti-puncture materials that significantly impair the ride quality.
These tyres are all you need for touring is to continue riding your bicycle more comfortably. Please enjoy the outstanding stability in the corners and the supple and light running, which is completely different from the conventional touring tires.

Available with black tread or red tread both with tan walls.